Smoky Refried Bean Soup

This delicious and filling soup comes together super quick – and it’s great for using up whatever vegetables you have leftover at the end of the week. You’re basically making the base of the soup by thinning the beans with the broth and tomato juices; then you just add in whatever veggies and spices taste … Read more

Raisin Sauce for Ham

I always love fruit with meat – chicken salad with grapes, roast pork with applesauce, ham with raisin sauce. 1/2 c brown sugar 2 T cornstarch 1t dry ground mustard seeds 1c water 1T apple cider vinegar 1T fresh lemon juice (1/2 a lemon) 1/4t lemon zest1/2c raisins Combine the dry ingredients in a small … Read more

Mixed vegetables in oyster sauce

This is another great recipe I got off Woks of Life. It’s so delicious, it tasted good even though I started with pre-cooked leftover turkey meat – ie, meat that wasn’t velveted and a dish without any cooking bits from the chicken. This recipe basically comes down to the sauce – and what an amazing … Read more

Air Fryer Chicken Wings

After perusing TikTok, I decided to try 3 different varieties: Hot Wings Garlic Wings BBQ Wings But after making all these wings, it occurs to me that chicken wings are after all the least desirable part of the chicken. Not much meat and a whole lot of rubbery, fatty skin. To make the most of … Read more

Mexican Meatball Soup

This one is really super yummy! And an unusual cooking method – you make a puree of your aromatics, then bloom them in a hot pan with olive oil before building the rest of the soup. The amount of spice oil that hit my nose made me worried that the soup was going to be … Read more

Turkey Ramen

I ended up with a whole lot of turkey broth this year after Thanksgiving. After several bowls of regular turkey-rice soup, I started thinking about what else is good to make with super-rich bone broth. The obvious first answer – ramen! I googled and didn’t find any super-awesome recipes. But I got the basic idea … Read more

Chicken Fajita & Rice Soup

I ended up with a LOT of turkey broth this year after Thanksgiving. After eating all the regular turkey-rice soup I could take (and several batches of ramen), I started thinking about what else is good to make with good broth. Mexican chicken soup! I’ll be honest I don’t love this one. But maybe it’s … Read more

Green Bean Casserole

The ubiquitous Thanksgiving side dish. It’s really simple, but when you put the right amounts of everything it really makes it great! Serves 8-10 2 cans cream of mushroom soup 1/2c milk or cream 1t soy sauce 6-8 c green beans, preferably sliced diagonally 2-1/2c crispy fried onions (I like to use crispy jalapeño pieces … Read more