Golden Milk

You can’t go anywhere online without running across someone talking about the benefits of Golden Latte, especially to help one sleep. Here’s the recipe that I like: 12 almonds, soaked in water overnight 1/2c water 1/2c milk 1t turmeric 1/2t freshly ground cardamom 1/4t freshly ground nutmeg 1/4t cinnamon a few grinds of black pepper … Read more

Potato-Corn Chowder with Bacon and Mushrooms

This is best made in a dutch oven. 4 strips of bacon, chopped into 3-4 pieces each 1 medium onion, chopped 2 stalks celery, chopped 8 oz baby bella mushrooms, sliced 1T minced garlic 1/3c flour 6c water + 2T chicken bouillon – for something more stew-like, reduce the water to 5c.2 large russet potatoes, … Read more

No-Knead Bread – Lessons & Variations

Back at the beginning of the pandemic, I experimented a bit with making a no-knead bread. That prompted me to make this post: Easiest Focaccia Ever. I had previously also made a post sharing my grandmother’s bread recipe. But of course that’s an enriched dough (it has eggs, milk and butter) so it’s completely different … Read more

Red Fife Whole Wheat Bread

I just made the best – and healthiest – loaf of 100% whole wheat bread I’ve ever tasted. The key is pesticide- and fertilizer-free heirloom wheat grown and freshly stone-ground right here in Illinois. It should be noted that this is what’s known as enriched dough – meaning that it contains fat from milk, butter … Read more

Roasted brussels sprout, quinoa and apple salad

Another baked salad I found on TikTok. But I don’t think it needs a dressing: it’s already got plenty of oil from the cooking, as well as flavor from the herbs, shallots and garlic. 20 Brussels sprouts, shaved 1 large shallot, shaved some chopped herbs (thyme, sage, etc) garlic powder 1/2c cooked quinoa 1 garlic … Read more

Butterscotch Pumpkin Pie

TikTok got me salivating this year for the Pumpkin Ganache Pie from Milkbar. But that turned out to be way more involved than I really wanted to do so instead I went looking for something simpler, yet not basic. I landed on this butterscotch pumpkin pie recipe from Cozy Kitchen. It came together almost as … Read more

Sushi Rolls

I’ve had a hankering for sushi so I decided to try making it. To make the rice: Start with short grain Japanese rice, usually labeled sushi rice. Measure out 1 cup and rinse it very thoroughly – like 4 times – in a bowl, until the water runs clear. Drain in a colander so the … Read more