Beet & Goat Cheese Salad

What MAKES this salad is the dressing! While mixed greens are usually the best, any type of green base will do – I even made it with Trader Joe’s cruciferous mix and it was tasty. Some recipes say you can swap feta for the goat cheese, but then it’s a completely different salad! A number of recipes add avocado, but I think that’s weird. LOL

1/2c olive oil
1/4c balsamic oil
1 scant T honey
1t dijon mustard
roasted beets – I usually buy the package from Trader Joe’s
crumbled goat cheese – it doesn’t really *crumble*; it more smushes off
toasted walnuts – some recipes call for candied walnuts, but I think that’s too much. But they really must be toasted!!

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