Dee Wentworth’s Mud Squares

At a recent “family reunion” in Walker, MN, Dee Wentworth (a family friend since 1956!) brought a pan of these chocolate bars. But to call them mere chocolate bars doesn’t begin to talk about how fantastic they are. One person after another around the room tasted them and said, “WOW, these are amazing!” I realized … Read more

Sara Beadle’s Hershey Bar birthday cake

My sister in law Laura’s 40th birthday fell the same weekend that we were having a family reunion in Walker. (celebrating my grandmother’s life and her memorial service). So Sara volunteered to make the cake! It was soooo good, everybody wanted the recipe. So here it is, straight out of the Hershey cookbook. 1 8-oz … Read more

Easy Chocolate Fudge Icing

I started with a recipe from Paula Deen – but it had only 3T of cocoa powder in it. It looked like chocolate, but it sure didn’t taste like it! So I doctored it up a bit, including the old trick of enhancing chocolate flavor with just a touch of instant coffee powder. Now I … Read more

[Video] Hemp Seed Truffles

These nutty and slightly sweet balls are a nice light dessert for a healthy meal. Simply combine soaked almonds and hemp seed, together with agave for sweetness, and a little vanilla and salt. Blend everything in a Cuisinart, shape into balls and serve! [For complete directions and quantities, watch the video!] Makes 30 balls   … Read more

Chocolate Caramel Walnut Tart

This dessert is an impressive crowd-pleaser – and it definitely takes some time and some skill to prepare. The flavors are dark and decadent – bittersweet chocolate, the bite of toasted walnuts and the sweet tang of homemade caramel. Walnut Crust 1 large egg, separated 1/4 t vanilla extract 1/2 c toasted walnuts – see … Read more