I have always absolutely loved popovers. Anything bready and eggy is always my jam, and that’s pretty much all that popovers are, bread and egg. Unfortunately, mine didn’t pop at all. Possible causes: I used gluten-free flour — so maybe next time add a smidge of baking powder? Another possibility is that the gluten-free flour … Read more

Jello Salads

Ahhhhhh 2020, are there no limits to the havoc you will wreak? You’ve got me eating Jell-O! Mixed with Cool-Whip and sour cream, no less!!! Side bar: on all these recipe blogs I researched for this compilation, the writer always feels the need to clarify that we aren’t talking about salad, as in lettuce and … Read more

Swedish rosettes

These cookies have lost part of their charm for me, now that a similar confection is so widely available at street fairs. Sometimes called an elephant ear, sometimes just “fried dough,” it’s all basically the same – a very simple batter deep fried and then dusted heavily with powdered sugar. The addition of the lemon … Read more


Along with sandbakkles and pepperkakker, krumkakker are one of the cookies that form the Norwegian triumvirate. If you ever go to a Swedish market, or a Scandinavian Christmas mart, you’re guaranteed to find these for sale – often with a cream filling. But as purists, we Oksendahls/Sahlbergs serve the cookies plain, no filling. Making this … Read more

Sour Cream Cashew Drops

Cashews are my dad’s favorite snack. Every year, he gets an oversized bag of them in his stocking, and we always have to make these cookies. They’re quite tasty plain, but the brown-butter frosting is what makes them really special. 1/2 c soft butter 1 c brown sugar 1 egg 1 t vanilla 2 c … Read more

Xmas Wreaths

These are my favorite cookies, hands down. They’re also my brother Jay’s favorites, as well as the favorite of all his kids. They’re really simple, but there are a few tricks I’ve learned over the years: Don’t make a double batch. The marshmallow will harden before you’re done shaping all the wreaths; and if you … Read more