Butterscotch Pumpkin Pie

TikTok got me salivating this year for the Pumpkin Ganache Pie from Milkbar. But that turned out to be way more involved than I really wanted to do so instead I went looking for something simpler, yet not basic. I landed on this butterscotch pumpkin pie recipe from Cozy Kitchen. It came together almost as … Read more

Green Bean Casserole

The ubiquitous Thanksgiving side dish. It’s really simple, but when you put the right amounts of everything it really makes it great! Serves 8-10 2 cans cream of mushroom soup 1/2c milk or cream 1t soy sauce 6-8 c green beans, preferably sliced diagonally 2-1/2c crispy fried onions (I like to use crispy jalapeño pieces … Read more


I have always absolutely loved popovers. Anything bready and eggy is always my jam, and that’s pretty much all that popovers are, bread and egg. Unfortunately, mine didn’t pop at all. Possible causes: I used gluten-free flour — so maybe next time add a smidge of baking powder? Another possibility is that the gluten-free flour … Read more

Jello Salads

Ahhhhhh 2020, are there no limits to the havoc you will wreak? You’ve got me eating Jell-O! Mixed with Cool-Whip and sour cream, no less!!! Side bar: on all these recipe blogs I researched for this compilation, the writer always feels the need to clarify that we aren’t talking about salad, as in lettuce and … Read more

Cranberry Sauce

My mom always made cranberry sauce from whole berries for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. And like so many of what I thought were “family recipes,” it turns out that she just followed the directions on the back of the package! LOL So I’ve branched out over the years to try fancier versions – but Mom’s … Read more