Golden Milk

You can’t go anywhere online without running across someone talking about the benefits of Golden Latte, especially to help one sleep. Here’s the recipe that I like: 12 almonds, soaked in water overnight 1/2c water 1/2c milk 1t turmeric 1/2t freshly ground cardamom 1/4t freshly ground nutmeg 1/4t cinnamon a few grinds of black pepper … Read more

Ginger-Mint Greens & Berries Smoothie

It’s truly amazing to me how healthy greens can hide out in a delicious fruit-tasting smoothie. This blend has a full serving of each collard greens and spinach, plus the parsley and mint. The cranberries also add a lot of nutritional benefit: they have a relatively low glycemic index; they also contain antioxidants, substances that … Read more

Ginger-Cranberry Smoothie

WOW is this one good! I had to jot down the proportions. Cranberries are surprisingly delicious in juice – their tartness is completely balanced out by sweetness from all the other fruit. The easiest way to get ginger juice is to put a chunk of ginger through your juicer, then freeze it in ice cube … Read more