Chicken Pot Pie

This recipe is straight out of Joy of Cooking. But now that I’ve made it twice, I’ve got a couple cooking tips. The recipe calls for you to start by poaching the chicken, and it offers the option of poaching boneless skinless breasts in commercial broth (as opposed to a whole chicken and essentially making … Read more

Tilapia Fish Tacos

This recipe is loosely based on one I got in my weekly Hello Fresh box. What elevates it way above your typical fish taco recipe is the pineapple salsa & the lime crema. So good! The tacos are a pretty well rounded meal all by themselves. But you could always whip up some black beans … Read more

Smoky Paprika Butter

This recipe came from a Plated box I got recently. What could have been a really ordinary steak with roasted vegetables was elevated to something extraordinary when this butter mixture melted into it. nom nom nom …. Makes a serving for 3 1/2 stick unsalted butter1-2 t sriracha 1/2 t smoked paprika 1/4 t crushed red pepper1 clove garlic, … Read more

Italian Wedding Soup

This was a recipe I got from Plated – and it’s so delicious, I decided to add it to my personal collection. Make the Broth Heat 1 T oil in a soup pot and add half a minced onion (I think it would be fine to use a whole onion) and 3 cloves garlic. Saute … Read more

Shepherd’s Pie

This is a recipe from Plated and it’s pretty darn tasty so I thought I’d add it to the collection. 1 lb yukon gold potatoes (6 medium) 6 oz carrots (3 medium) 10 oz parsnips (3-4 medium) 1 yellow onion 1 lb ground beef 1 1/2 T tomato paste 1 1/2 T flour 1/2 t … Read more

Braised Lamb Shanks

I have another recipe on here for braised lamb arm chops. (It’s the one I cooked for that dinner party of girlfriends in conjunction with a spiritual workshop.) This recipe I found on the internet is similar, but it’s got a LOT more garlic, and also adds a bit of lemon. I’m gonna try it … Read more

Stuffed Turkey

I went to a big potluck Thanksgiving with friends this year and on the sign-up sheet, I volunteered to bring the turkey. People were so impressed and amazed, like turkey’s such a big deal! I guess people do see making a turkey as a big, difficult, easy-to-mess-up thing; but in reality it’s one of the … Read more

Turkey Soup

One of the big traditions of Thanksgiving at my house growing up was making turkey soup out of the leftover turkey carcass. (I come by my frugality naturally, huh?) One of the things I remember my mother doing was chilling the stock and very carefully skimming every bit of fat off the top, proud of … Read more