Holiday Brussels Sprouts

This Thanksgiving we couldn’t have salad because the e.coli outbreak meant that grocers were taking all their lettuce off their shelves. Because ’tis the season for huge brussels sprouts stalks, I decided that would be our vegetable side dish instead. I looked through a few of my recipes and kind of ended up with a … Read more

Squash & Spinach Fritters

These tasty little nuggets are pretty easy to make, and versatile – although the recipe calls for spaghetti squash, they worked just fine with acorn squash. It’s definitely important to squeeze as much moisture as possible out of the vegetables; and thinner fritters cook more easily than thick ones. The sriracha mayo makes the dish! … Read more

Whipped sweet potatoes with caramelized apples

This dish isn’t as sickly-sweet as some sweet potato casseroles, because the sweetness comes from the apples rather than mounds of brown sugar or marshmallows. For a fancier, casserole-style sweet potato dish try this one. 3 lbs sweet potatoes, baked 3 T unsalted butter 2 T heavy cream (optional) 1/2 c applesauce (optional) 1 t … Read more