Garden Soup

This recipe bears no resemblance to traditional “vegetable soup,” (which personally I think is yukky!) because there’s no carrots, celery or potatoes. That’s why I call it simply Garden Soup! The beauty of it is the wide array of fresh vegetables – so you’re well advised to make this soup in the summertime, when all … Read more

Farm-Fresh Corn Chowder

If you can find super-sweet corn that is not genetically modified (non-GMO), this soup is absolutely fabulous. Of course it will still be tasty with genetically modified corn, it just won’t be very good for you anymore! The cream is optional, and with or without it, the rich corn flavor makes this soup fabulous. The … Read more

Cauliflower Soup

This delicious, light and fresh-tasting soup gets its unique flavor from the mint. And unlike most recipes for cauliflower soup, this is not a cream-style soup. Instead, it’s a light and flavorful broth. So it’s extremely low-fat and low-calorie, plus it’s packed with healthy vegetables. It freezes remarkably well, so I always like to make … Read more