Ginger-Mint Greens & Berries Smoothie

It’s truly amazing to me how healthy greens can hide out in a delicious fruit-tasting smoothie. This blend has a full serving of each collard greens and spinach, plus the parsley and mint. The cranberries also add a lot of nutritional benefit: they have a relatively low glycemic index; they also contain antioxidants, substances that … Read more

Meatless Chili-Lime Fajitas

Okay, so Meatless Fajitas are just peppers and onions – LOL. But the flavor profile is kind of fajita-ish, and exceptionally delicious – if I do say so myself! The longer you cook the jalapeno, the more of its heat it’ll lose. So to control the heat in the dish, just vary the time you … Read more

Ginger-Cranberry Smoothie

WOW is this one good! I had to jot down the proportions. Cranberries are surprisingly delicious in juice – their tartness is completely balanced out by sweetness from all the other fruit. The easiest way to get ginger juice is to put a chunk of ginger through your juicer, then freeze it in ice cube … Read more

Parsnip, Sweet Potato & Apple bake

This is super-tasty as a main dish when you’re on a fruit-and-veggie fast, or as a side dish alongside pork roast, steak or chicken cutlets when you’re not. I tried it in the crockpot (2.5 hours on high) and I think it worked ok? I was worried it would burn or something; but sure enough, … Read more