Easy Chicken Pot Pie

There’s a fantastic recipe for chicken pot pie in the Joy of Cooking …. but, it’s a production. This was a recipe I got from Hello Fresh and it was really super tasty, plus all of 20 minutes to make. The big dollop of fresh thyme is what made it so delicious, I think. It … Read more


Bibimbap is nothing more than Korean salad. But it’s so yummy – and so easy to prepare! White riceGreen onion Sesame seeds Bean sprouts (sprouted from mung beans – for those of you who sprout beans at home!) Watercress (you can substitute baby bok choy or even spinach)GarlicJulienned carrots Ground beef, cooked with 1T soy … Read more

Grandma’s Homemade Bread

There were several years when my grandmother lived with us for months at a time when I was a kid. During those years, she made 6 loaves of bread every week, using this recipe. (I think my mom tried to keep it up even when Grandma wasn’t in town). Tanis has a version of it … Read more

Turkey “burritos”

I’m not a fan of actual burritos; but the filling for these is SO yum. You just saute the turkey with half the onion; then saute all the veggies with some broth and the spices, then stir in the yogurt. It takes a while to do all the chopping; but you could easily do that … Read more

New York Style Deli Bagels

There’s nothing like a “real” New York style bagel. Every deli in New York seems to be able to get it right; whereas very few in Chicago do. This recipe makes a bagel that’s as good as any I’ve ever had anywhere. I can’t wait to make myself an egg and cheese sandwich for breakfast! … Read more