Dry Rub for BBQ Ribs

I love country style ribs. While the easy way is to just coat them in BBQ sauce and stick them in the oven, the flavor is significantly enhanced if you coat them in a dry rub first.

Makes 1-1/2c of rub, which is enough for at least 6-8 big meaty ribs

3/4c packed dark brown sugar
2T kosher salt
2T onion powder
2T smoked paprika
1T dry mustard
1T granulated garlic
1T ground black pepper
1t cayenne

Coat the ribs in the rub and put in a high-sided pan tightly covered with foil. Roast in a low oven, 275-300° for about 2-1/2 hours. Uncover carefully (steam will be hot & there will be a lot of liquid sloshing around). Pour off most of the liquid, coat in sauce and put back in the oven for at least another half-hour to caramelize the sauce. The meat should be falling off the bone.

Can be stored in an airtight glass jar for up to a year.

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