Ginger-Scallion Dipping Sauce

All kinds of Chinese dumplings cry out for a dipping sauce. To say nothing of just fresh boiled shrimp, as depicted in this picture, or even fried tofu like the picture at the bottom. This ginger-scallion one from TheWoks of Life hits the spot!

1T oil
1T minced fresh ginger
1T minced scallion (white & green parts)
2T soy sauce
1T water
1/2t sugar
1/4t Chinese black vinegar
1t chili garlic sauce (optional)

Heat your oil in a pan until smoking. While that’s happening, put your ginger and scallion in a heat-proof dish (ask me how I know that Tupperware isn’t good!) Pour the hot oil over the ginger and scallion to flash-fry it. Add the rest of the ingredients and stir.

That’s it!

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