High Protein Green Goddess Dip

Lately I’ve been eating a lot of crackers and dip, largely because Trader Joe’s has a nice selection of dips that they rotate. But even so, I find myself getting tired of the same old ones. Plus, I always question how healthy they are, or if there are a lot of hidden preservatives. So when I found this recipe on TikTok I decided to give it a try. And it’s great!

I didn’t measure anything (nor did he); but it’s one of those things where you kinda can’t go wrong. For example:

  • My avocados weren’t ripe, so to give it some fatty creaminess, I threw in a handful of cashews instead. Delish!
  • Chives were expensive, so I used the whites of a few green onions instead.
  • I didn’t have fresh basil, so I used a squirt of basil paste from a tube.
  • His version didn’t call for any spinach; but I had it on hand so I threw some in there.

So my recipe was more or less like this:

Cashews – enough to cover the bottom of the Cuisinart in a single layer. Maybe 1/3 cup?
(Avocado – that’s what his recipe called for; use half a one instead of the cashews)
Cottage cheese – 4 or 5 big spoonfuls, enough to more or less cover the cashews
Garlic – 2 big cloves, roughly chopped
Basil paste – a squirt maybe 4-6″ long
Green Onions – the white parts of 4 or 5 skinny onions
Parsley – 8 or 10 sprigs, leaves only
Lemon juice – maybe a tablespoon?
Spinach – 1 big handful
Salt – maybe half a teaspoon?

Put it all in the Cuisinart and let it run until it’s nice and smooth.

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