[Video] Hemp Seed Truffles

These nutty and slightly sweet balls are a nice light dessert for a healthy meal. Simply combine soaked almonds and hemp seed, together with agave for sweetness, and a little vanilla and salt. Blend everything in a Cuisinart, shape into balls and serve! [For complete directions and quantities, watch the video!] Makes 30 balls   … Read more

[Video] Raw Kale, Lentil & Cashew salad

Lentils and cashews do magical things when combined – and the backdrop of raw kale makes this salad a delicious and oh-so-healthy vegetarian meal. Simple directions (watch video for complete directions): Boil lentils. Chop cashews. Massage kale with a bit of sea salt to masticate it. Combine everything in a bowl with a bit of … Read more

Best cornbread

This is the perfect cornbread. It has a tender, fluffy crumb (thanks to the full stick of butter & the buttermilk) and a thick, crunchy crust. Plus, it’s made with fresh (or frozen) corn – not just corn meal. So it’s got amazing real corn flavor. It’s also not too sweet or cake-like. Delish! Gluten-Free … Read more

Mediterranean Vegetables with Quinoa

What makes this dish special is the hint of lime – delicious! And like so many vegetarian dishes, the secret is to start with the highest quality vegetables. If you don’t have quinoa on hand, it also works well with cous cous. (but that wouldn’t be gluten-free) The particular combination of vegetables I’ve listed gives … Read more

Tofu Dip

This dip is a wonderful alternative to the typical ranch-style veggie dip you see on a lot of appetizer buffets. Makes approximately 2 1/2 cups. 1 c soft tofu, mashed 1 c plain nonfat yogurt 1 T olive oil juice of 1 lemon 2 T chopped chives or 1 c scallions garlic powder, to taste … Read more