Shaved broccoli salad with raisins & feta

This is a simple, tasty recipe for raw broccoli salad – and an interesting preparation for stalks. Shaving the stalks is a tish on the time consuming side; I’m sure it would be just as delicious with all the broccoli just in florets & chunks. It was just as good Day Two as it was fresh. Maybe even better, as the flavors had had a chance to meld together…

Olive oil
Lemon juice + lemon zest
Golden raisins – I subbed chopped dried apricots, and I think they were actually better!
Feta (the kind you buy in a block & crumble yourself is sooooo much better than the pre-crumbled stuff!)
Sliced almonds
Salt & Pepper

After stripping away the woody outer parts of the broccoli stems, use your peeler to shave the stalks into ribbons. Then separate the florets into very, very small pieces. I’m not sure at this point what to do with the left-over mid-sized stalk pieces as they’re too small to slice …

Anyway, you dress your broccoli with 2 parts olive oil & 1 part lemon juice, then throw in lemon zest, golden raisins, feta and sliced almonds to taste. And I actually didn’t have *golden* raisins (just regular ones) so instead I chopped up some dried apricots – and they were super yum.

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