Single serving frittatas

I really like the two-bite savory egg custards they make at Starbucks so I thought I’d try making them at home. Starting with this recipe as a jumping off point, I started to improvise.

The first thing is that since I did so much other cooking today, I was out of eggs. However I had a couple cartons of egg whites. So clearly my frittatas were going to be egg-white based.

Next was the filling. I had a little bit of mixed bell peppers left in the freezer, as well as some chopped ham that didn’t make it into the split pea soup I made. I even had a bit of shredded Mexican cheese blend. Perfect – western-style frittatas it is!

To make them, I chopped the peppers, then sauteed them in the leftover grease from the ground beef and onions I’d cooked down for the lasagne casserole I also made today. Then I chopped up the ham chunks nice and small, and added them to the peppers along with a couple grinds of fresh pepper.

But I couldn’t just pour the egg whites into the cooked peppers, because that would begin to cook them. I also didn’t feel like properly blending the egg whites and some milk in a bowl (lots of cooking means I’m also tired of doing dishes).

So instead I spooned a little bit of the ham-pepper mixture into each cupcake tin (that’s another modification from the original recipe – I was using single serving tins, rather than a large skillet) and sprinkled it with a small pinch of cheese. Then I measured a half-teaspoon of whole milk into each tin and topped it off with as much egg white as would fit. I left a little space at the top, knowing they would expand as they cooked. When all was said and done, it turns out I only used half a cup of egg whites – the equivalent of 6 eggs, in all 12 little frittatas!

I’ve now got them in a 350° oven and forgot to set the timer. My plan is to cook them for maybe about 6 or 7 minutes.

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