Spicy Chicken Enchiladas

I had some leftover peppers from when I made Hunan Beef so I threw them together with some tomatoes, onions and cumin and it turned out pretty well! I didn’t measure anything so these are estimates.

First I sauteed together:

Peppers – I had a takeout dish full of chopped tiger skin and anaheim peppers. Hard to say how many of each, maybe 3-5?? When I left in some of their seeds, they had a nice little heat. (seedless, they were completely mild).

Sweet onion – I sliced one whole one, fajita-style. I wasn’t sure if the dish would want it all, but it did.

Canned tomatoes – probably about half a cup, more would have been okay.

Sour cream – one big healthy squirt. Maybe half a cup?? More would be okay.

I seasoned with some salt and a nice big sprinkle of cumin, then shredded a little more than half of a rotisserie chicken and stirred that in. Delicious!

I plan to serve it inside of tortillas, but just eating it with a fork is fine too.

Garnish with: cilantro, slices of lime, avocado

Serve with: black beans, white rice, corn tortillas

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