Sweet pistachio herb topping for salad

One of these “baked salad” recipes on TikTok included this as a topping. The rest of the salad was mediocre at best – some soggy baked cabbage and red onions with shredded baked tofu (!!??!!), all with insufficient seasonings. But then she topped it with this pistachio herb topping and — chef’s kiss! I’m not sure what exactly it goes on; but if I have it in the fridge I’m sure I’ll start reaching for it.

1/4c pistachios
1/3c fresh parsley
2T fresh mint (I skipped this cuz I didn’t have any)
1 clove garlic
1/2 t sumac
zest and juice of half a lemon
1T maple syrup
1T olive oil

Put everything in a Cuisinart and blend into a rough paste. I actually chopped up the parsley leaves first, cuz I wanted those well chopped and I also didn’t want to overdo it with them.

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