Turkey Ramen

I ended up with a whole lot of turkey broth this year after Thanksgiving. After several bowls of regular turkey-rice soup, I started thinking about what else is good to make with super-rich bone broth. The obvious first answer – ramen!

I googled and didn’t find any super-awesome recipes. But I got the basic idea of the flavor profile and started experimenting. I don’t have any quantities listed below; I just kept tasting and adding a little more of this or that until I had it right.

Rich broth (ie, broth that you didn’t skim all the fat out of!)
Garlic, sliced paper thin (quite a bit of it)
Ginger, smashed (quite a bit of it)
1 green onion per serving, both green and white part
Mirin (or rice vinegar and some sugar)
Vegetables of choice
some crunchy chili oil condiment
An egg, if you like
A 1″ handful of rice noodles

Boil the noodles separately; everything else you pretty much just boil together until it tastes good! I didn’t actually put an egg in mine; but ramen is of course often served with it.

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